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Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM By: Shaddix.Babe

Like I said in my last couple blogs, I've not been online in a while which means I haven't been blogging! So I'll just blog a little more to make up for lost time!
Just going to say a few things that have been on my mind recently.
One thing is that my mum has this partner, and I've known him for like 3 years now. I thought he was nice, and funny and stuff but i dont know, all of a sudden he's just been really annoying.
He leaves my sister and I to do chores, fair enough ya know, it's just cleaning and stuff. Not that hard, I don't have a problem. But then he comes back from work and starts complaining about practically everything we've done. We haven't washed the dishes properly, we didn't clean the floor properly, we didn't open a fucking dog food can properly. It's so irritating! I have literally no tolerance for him. He also insults like all the programmes I watch, and jokes about how shit they are, it was funny at first, but now it's just annoying.
We're going on holiday to America as well, for two weeks. Me, my sister, my mum and him.
I dont know, he's just annoying really. I just have so little tolerance for him :/
Anyways, there's not really much I can do lol. Just going to have to put up with it!
How are you guys doing anyways?

  1. dxcrime avatar

    On Apr 17, dxcrime said:

    I love you Corr!! :)

  2. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Apr 17, Shaddix.Babe said:

    I would love to go to LA. :)

    Thank you!

  3. dxcrime avatar

    On Apr 16, dxcrime said:

    Have an awesome trip! you next Usa station is LA,and the partner will be me xDD

    good luck with your exams too!

  4. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Apr 16, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Yeah, it should be good ^-^ Florida! :)

    Aww good luck with exams! I have mine soon too! Scary stuff aha

    I dont know really haha, I might soon hehe :)

  5. dxcrime avatar

    On Apr 15, dxcrime said:

    First,i am sorry for your recently.. corr, its real that what you can do is putting up with him,but you also can enjoy your American holiday! ;)

    i have been freaking busy, no doubt...its the last year of high school,having an exam anytime.but it will be over soon,just 2 weeks.

    btw, why dont you use this pic on fb? its so pretty!

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