Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 5:38 AM By: shai7xroach

wow so i havent been on here in forever!! i still love papa roach ofc. just been caught up in other ended yesterday. kinda a bitter sweet feeling. i wont see some of my friends everyday and i wont be able to see the boy i really like haha. i'm freakin pumped for the new a7x cd. i'm wakin up early and u can bet i'll be the first person in the mall when it comes out. bass is goin pretty good. i love playing it. ....... speaking of bass... paul gray. cant believe he's gone. sucks so bad that all these musicians are dying. but i guess heaven needs some awesome people to. well since it's summer i'll probably on here alot more. unitl 8th grade starts. oh boy. ok well this was the world's most random blog so...shaila out.

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