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Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 5:33 AM By: shai7xroach

hey guys!! i havent been really active on here lately. i have school and field hockey which takes up alooot of my time. so i have some updates of what ive been up to lately

field hockey updates: so when i first started middle school field hockey i was really stressed. but im having so much fun!!! ive made a bunch of new friends and we're all really close!! i play defense for jv but the last few games the coaches have been putting me on varsity!!! our team went to wendy's on friday for dinner and my mom sat with the coaches. she said they were saying nothing but good stuff about me which made me feel awesome. fh has really built my stamina. in school i ran a mile in 9min 45sec. my first mile in fh was 9min 24sec my second one was 8min 6sec and my most recent time was 8min 3 sec!! anyway, i cant wait till the last day of practice cuz we're all wearing our halloween costumes!! im being a girl version of johnny three tears from hollywood undead.

school/friends update: school is going good. i got my midterms a little bit ago and i have all As and one B. i have a 100% in social studies which is no surprise, its my easiest class. i love my math teacher. she is absolutley amazing.. she's funny and really helpful. so grades are split up by teams. the seventh grade teams are the burgundy badgers and th topaz tigers. im on the badgers and alot of my friends are on the other team, but most of my boys are on my team. im now being made fun of cuz i sit with boys everyday. it really makes me mad. they'r popular people who are making fun of me ofc. ugh watever. anyway, there's this boy i've been friends with since 4th grade. he's from england =) we used to be really close but now..not so much.it really hurts.he's two years older than me(he got held back) and so he's always with his older friends and if i see them he completely ignores me and it really upsets me. he says i'll always be his best friend and that he can tell me things he cant tell anyone else but... i dont know how true that really is

boy updates: ok so the boy i've mentioned in my last blog, nothing has happend although my friend and i have social studies with him so she scratches her nose everytime he looks at me. and she says he stares at me alot!! so we'll just have to see where that goes. then there was this kid who i sit by in science. at a highschool football game my friends were being stupid so he told me to come hang out with him. we were texting later and he said that he liked me. than the jerk asks out my friend. boys are sooo stupid

me updates: i've been feeling alot better about myself. i think i have a little bit more self esteem but there are still things i dont like about myself but im working on feeling comfortable in my skin

random stuff: ive been informed i wont be seeing papa roach on nov.11 like i wanted to. but i understand. i didnt think of everything. my mom explained that she was really sorry and hated seeing me dissapointed and that she would love to see proach again to. but i didnt think about how we're tight on money, we'd have to get a hotel, i'd have to get out of school early the day of the concert and then miss school the next day, so i'll just have to wait till next time. anyway... i have off today which is awesome and then tomorrow i dont really have school. in the spring seventh graders go to camp. so tomorrow all day we're going to the camp to check everything out and they'll explain what we do there and stuff like that. it'll be fun.
ok so just wanted to let my friends on here know wat i've been up to =D
oops forgot something!!! vengeance university updates: so i got my thrasher shirt last tuesday i think.. i got a purple one and i love it!! i also got some stickers thrown in with my shirt. its the second shirt ive gotten from them and i was so pleased that i decided to email them and tell them how much i appreciate them. and the next day i check my email and who replied to me?? i was so excited. this is wat they said: we really do care about u guys =) its a mutual love. dont forget to tell your friend and enemies-vu xD i was excited

one more thing... cd updates: so i found 5 tracks deep on ebay and wanted it but the bidding went up to like 118 dollars!!! so no way.. then i saw papa roach: the early stuff. it had potatoes for christmas,five tracks deep and old friends. i thought for sure it would be mine cuz my aunt was winning for a while.. but then at the last minute someone one with like 70 dollars. i was bummed out =( so i just decided to order the very first mest cd that has been reissued. its called mo money mo 40z so im excited for that. also on tony lovato's twitter he said he'd be signing every copy!! so thats awesome!!
ok im done now i promise xD

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