1. PRoach316 avatar

    On Aug 19, PRoach316 said:


  2. hjg0302 avatar

    On Aug 10, hjg0302 said:

    Love ya too! It's almost time!

  3. eLsA420 avatar

    On Aug 10, eLsA420 said:

    I cant wait to see you!! Love you & miss you TONS!!!!!

  4. hjg0302 avatar

    On Jul 18, hjg0302 said:

    See ya soon! Love ya!

  5. eLsA420 avatar

    On Jul 14, eLsA420 said:

    Oh hell yeah! There's no stopping us..

  6. ayaroach avatar

    On Jul 05, ayaroach said:

    I'm alright thank you! how are you?? :) X

  7. ayaroach avatar

    On Jul 04, ayaroach said:

    Hellooo :)

  8. eLsA420 avatar

    On Jun 15, eLsA420 said:

    I looooooove yooooooou!! :) I can't wait til next time... You already know I'm going... I mean IT'S goin down... LOL

  9. PRoach316 avatar

    On May 24, PRoach316 said:

    Love and miss you!!!!!!! :-)

  10. eLsA420 avatar

    On May 22, eLsA420 said:

    Cant wait to see you!! This is a much needed reunion...

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