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About Sara Nicole Elmer

I am an ametuer artist, songwriter, novelist, and poet. I am determined to meet Jacoby Shaddix before I die - if I could spend one day with any person that has ever lived, I would chose him. The first Papa Roach song that I ever heard was "Scars", and I never looked at music the same way again. I, myself, was extremely depressed by a similar situation as the one that is referred to in this song, and hearing it was like hearing my life story from someone who didn't even know me. "Scars" was the one thing that got me through that point in my life, because I knew right when I heard the first verse that u wasn't alone in what I was facing, and if others had been able to gat through it, I could as well. I was inspired, and now I can't listen to any song that doesn't prompt feelings or thoughts without feeling repulsed. Papa Roach rocks because, obviously, the songs they write have deep meanings behind them, unlike all the mainstream crap on the popular radio stations that only refer to surfacey examples of drinking, sex, and drug use. Oh, I almost forgot: petty love songs as well. Anyways, other bands are just so cliche and only sing about what people these days want to hear about, which is basically any song that doesn't spark emotion or thought. Papa Roach sings about life, about situations that are hard to get through, about their own opinions and feelings. That is what differentiates music from noise: if it doesn't make a person think or feel, it is just another sound in the universe, simply noise that is lost in space.

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