Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 1:32 PM By: [*Roach'sFallenStarr*]

'Sup, y'all?! LOL! It's been a whole week since I returned from my ROAD TRIP! Last week I went with my incredible bff! She and I had sooooo much fun! It was a last minute decision--we thought we'd hit the road and leave town! So we headed for Massachusettes! We stayed there for four days and got to explore Salem and Boston. Wonderful places and we met some pleasant folks there, too. We lodged in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast. Had fantastic experiences the whole time! We also visited Lexington and Concord in Connecticut. We traveled through eight states on the way home--FUN ADVENTURE!!! So, yeah, I had a wonderful time! To make it even better, it was like that whole week was a party! That weekend was also splendid when I got to hang with pals and just have a great time. I was so happy and enjoyed every minute of it. What a rocking time!!!~*~

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