Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 2:20 PM By: [*Roach'sFallenStarr*]

So much time has past now... Why am I still dreaming about you?!?!? I'm over everything you did, but the memories are still there and haven't been completely buried yet. In every recent dream I've had of you I'm telling you how much I still love you. You tell me how much you love me and want me back in your life. Why is this recurrent theme there? Is it because somewhere within me I truly miss you for some reason? Miss what we shared? Am I missing just having you there because you filled the void in my life? Are you thinking about me and somehow sending me these signals? Probably not, because it seems I never really meant much to you... I must admit that it does bother me that you still haunt my dreams. Doesn't scare me like it did nearly a year ago, but it makes me wonder...~*~

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