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Papa Roach has changed my life . I seen them for the first time 3 years ago July 14 2007 on the Bad Boys Of Rock Tour . From then on music has taken over my life . I have been more happy then I have ever been before . The Second time I see Papa Roach I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Jacoby himself . It was more like a dream then it was real, He had this ability to make me loses all since of thought and I couldn't even put a proper sentence together. Jacoby was one of the sweets pepole I have ever meet in my life , even tho the words that where coming out dint make any since and all I new to do was to smile and giggle at the fact I was meeting what I think the most amazing person alive . he was still kind enough to take his time out to talk to me . Again another life changing experience. I have had more then too many medical problems growing up and over 20 surgery to prove it . It is really hard for me to make friends and feel like I belong .... when I first see Papa Roach .. I got the feeling I have never had before that I actually belong to something that it felt right the music , the energy and the pepole everything just felt right . everything is just so much better with the music to relate to and to enjoy.

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