Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 5:28 PM By: ~**~

dont u just hate it when u flirt and tlk with somebody and they tell yew how they feel "omg i like u so much ifeel like ur like my soul mate" "omg i feel the same way babe ?" then they turn around and start to flirt with somebody else and just completely forget about yew when u feel like their the one? yeah what the fuck ever forget yew i dont that. waste of my time..

  1. Valentine14xD avatar

    On Jun 14, Valentine14xD said:

    Ugh!I hate when someone does that to me.I agree it is a waste of time.

  2. arriel-emovamp.17 avatar

    On Mar 15, arriel-emovamp.17 said:

    oh kk wat if u juss started talkin to sumone n u feel like u really lyke them n they like you but your not sure n then they go n flirt wit sumone eles ?? thats why i ask them b4 i tell them how i feel =) it helps u from fallin to deep

  3. Mokierie avatar

    On Feb 14, Mokierie said:

    oh wow..that happens to often..
    a lotta people are like that, kinda stupid in my eyes...forget em, if they dont truely care for yeh, whats the point in caring for them iz how i look at it..
    hope this dont happen to yeh again :3

  4. SaD/eMo/EvIl 27643 avatar

    On Jan 31, SaD/eMo/EvIl 27643 said:

    i know how yah feel

  5. tears dont fall avatar

    On Jan 22, tears dont fall said:

    im sorry hope this never happens to u again if it happened

  6. HollisAVampire avatar

    On Jan 17, HollisAVampire said:

    i hate people like that >.<
    i'm sorry if this really happened to you :(

  7. mateo avatar

    On Jan 15, mateo said:

    that sounds like it sucks but never happend to me i have a gf.

  8. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Jan 15, jsgirl91 said:

    Yeah i do. Thats all that they are a complete waste of time.

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