Dont trust HBO!!!

Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 11:28 AM By: synyster_wolf

So on the 23rd of last month, I orderd a 4 pack of True Blood the beverage. It cost me just about $30 including shipping and surecharges. I still havent gotten it.

I have tried three times so far to get a response from customer service. nothing. I have not even recieved a proper shipping confirmation from these people. The fact that I ordered a custom shirt on the same day, and got it just over two weeks ago says alot.


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    On Dec 16, synyster_wolf said:

    So the f*****s finaly wrote back to me. not much of a response. a guy just asked for my shipping address for them to 'attempt to reship the order' and that if I need any more help, to contact them. I swear to Bob, that if I dont get my order soon, I'm calling Curtis! (its a sacramento news thing. you contact Curtis Ming if you have a problem with a business, and he or one of the workers helps you out. news coverage tends to get results out of bad companies lol)

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