Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 2:27 PM By: Sarah.

soo my friends are recording their voices and making it go in slow motion,then fast,then backwards.lol.its pretty entertaining.and now they are going to talk in "chimpmunk mode ".im kinda bored,omg so their are gona be madd sucky bands at warped tour this year and i really wish i could go to mayhem,=D so im gona be going to virginia soon and i cant wait so i can get away from every body and be at the beach every single day.and i also miss my cousin.lol.my friends arew mad stupid and annoying.and its annoying when ur friend is talking to a virtual dog named skyy.and shes doing that on a DS and its still annoying.okayy so im done now cuz i cant concentrate wioth them yelling in my ear anmd trying to type while i type.well actually theyre trying to mess me up so yeaa.bye.

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