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Hi I'm Priscilla Gonzalez =) I'm an all around band geek who loves her friends and family =) I'm an orphan. I just recently lost my parents and two little sisters in a car accident that I was involved in. I was lucky to come out with scratches and a fractured arm. I don't why and how I survived but I did... I was in a deep depression but now I'm happy knowing that my family is in a better place. Yes I miss them and I do cry for them still, but they would want me living life to the fullest ^_^ and I do admit, I'm still in love with my first love, but I treated him like crap =/ Yes he did cheat on me, but whenever he had a chance to make up for it I pushed him away... I know we aren't meant to be, but I wish I fixed things with him before I start at my new school. I'm a big USC football fan! I even attended one of their practices ^_^ I love getting random loving phone calls, and yeah hope to chat with y'all pretty soon =) I'm lovable sweet and nice

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