Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:19 AM By: britmum

Been to 2 gigs this week Paramore at NEC in Birmingham(UK) which was big, we were standing though so you still get the feel of the whole thing and it was good, then Sham 69 at Sub91 in Leicester(UK) an old London punk band who have still got the sound and there was about 100 people there, very good. Nothing beats live music

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    On Nov 19, britmum said:

    we always keep a stubs, going to stkick them all together and put them on the wall, good memories

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    On Nov 19, britmum said:

    Sub 91 is good about the same size and vibe that the Charlotte used to have, worth a visit, make sure your not stuck behind one of the pillars though, 2nd time we've seen paramore 1st time was at Demont

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    On Nov 19, jsgirl91 said:

    I have seen paramore live they are good. I love going to concerts i have been to alot and i keep a list of the ones i go to.

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    On Nov 19, mrs-shaddix87 said:

    wow, i bet Paramore was amazing, they are still on my to do list to go and see definitly. How is the new Sub91 venue? I've heard about it but i haven't been yet, somebody also told me it was that once a month Retribution will be opening up there, i hope so, that would be really cool.

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