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About -Tessauras Rexx-

say yeahh, say hell yeahh, say hell fuckin' yeahh.

Call me TJ or Susanne if it makes you happy. Prefer TJ though. I’m a casual rocking 15 year-old, hellbent on cruising England to catch up and see all those bands that I love live, namely Papa Roach obviously. I’m all lined up for the Taste of Chaos tour in England, it’ll be fun seeing my favourite band again and checking out how the other 3 are.

I’m mature, but I still love to act like a douchebag, specially around my fraaaands. I’m not sane, fershures. I like art. I like photography. I love putting on the hillbilly accent. I like hanging out on the town. I like animals. Yay me. Fuck, it’s harder than I thought about what to write, so just hook me up if you really can be bothered. Peace~


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