Why Papa Roach is my life saver

Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 7:15 PM By: BrandonT180

So this last december I stayed late at work just talking and having some fun with my fellow co workers which I have done countless times. However this time I probably should have gone home early because by some weird twist of fate on my way home I almost died in a freak accident. The roads were covered in snow and it was a new moon so it was dark as hell and I couldn't see shit. Now obviously I was driving slower due to the conditions which is probably the reason I survived what happened.
I was on the backroads passing by some fields which are known to have herds of elk in them during the winter because they come down from the mountains for food and while driving during this time of year its a good idea too look for them. Well on the road I was on there is a huge ditch where a herd of elk were lying down and when I looked in that field I couldn't see anything so I did a quick check of the field on the other side and when I looked back I was royally FUCKED. Something had spooked the herd of elk and they ran onto the road and ran into me and my car. I slammed on the breaks and sat back as far in my seat as possible and braced for impact. I was hit by a total of three elk out of the herd, two hit the drivers side and another jumped in front of the car and was thrown up on the hood and into the windshield then rolled off the side. Going into it I was relatively calm because I had no time to react but after is when I freaked and not like freaked as in cried or anything I mean the freaked as in flipped the fuck out due to shock as to what just happened because I didn't even know and the fact that my beloved Mustang that I worked my ass off for was totaled. I went in a rage and probably said the "fuck" word more times in one sentence than I thought humanly possible. I didn't even notice I was bleeding until it registered that the windshield was an inch away from my face and collapsed on my arm. Now me being more worried about my car I quickly moved my bleeding arm over my legs so I wouldn't bleed on the seats(which when I looked at it the day after the crash there was one FUCKING STAIN THE SEAT!! Which is pretty good considering I guess) I focused on bleeding on either me or plastic since that was easy to get out. Then I got out of the car and walked to the front to see the damage and finally figure out what the hell had just happened. When I saw my car from the outside is what finally brought some tears and off in the field I could see a big dark mass and I heard a bugle which is when I realized holy fuck I was hit by elk. The elk's leg had been completely snapped in half and it was in pretty bad shape. I felt bad for the elk because it was making some of the most god awful sounds. I called my parents and after 20-30 minutes of standing in the snow in nothing but tattered jeans and a tank top my parents and emergency crew arrived. The rest of the night consisted of people saying how lucky I was to survive being hit by a herd of elk and that it was a miracle I came out with relatively no harm. All I had was a few tiny cuts and scrapes on my arms and knuckles from the glass which is why it bled so much.

So needless to say I felt like shit and for a few weeks was without my car. When I got it back it was such an awesome feeling. My car was perfect and I was on top. Two weeks later some dumb fuck in a hummer backed into it while I was at school and fucked up the hood. I WAS FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!
and all I could think was JUST ANOTHER KICK IN THE TEETH!!!!

I can not even tell you how many times I went through all the Papa Roach cd's during that time. The music helps me a lot and yea it seems kinda random to pair two things like a crash and music but I couldn't help but make all new connections to the songs.

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    On Oct 12, BrandonT180 said:

    sorry I took forever to respond on that but no I was back in the drivers seat the next day =P haha just not of my car ;(

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    On Jul 24, Lili said:

    Holy fuck! that's some pretty scary stuff! I know what you mean about linking their songs to that time in your life, I think it's because all of their music is life related y'know?
    It must have taken you forever to build up the courage to get back in the drivers seat again!

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    On Apr 05, BrandonT180 said:

    Haha yea pretty crazy shit I forgot to mention this was the night before new years. So yea I ended the year with a bang =P I had some pics but they were too damn big so I left them out

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    On Apr 04, LadyRoach92 said:

    Jesus, man. I'm glad you and your car are okay. I can't even imagine. We don't get much snow here....or elk. The whole time I was reading that I was just like "oh man." Horrific is what that there sounds like.

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