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About BrandonT180

Lets just start it off by saying PAPA ROACH IS THE BEST FUCKING BAND ON THE FUCKING PLANET! I love music, its my life and soul! I play guitar and singXD! I have been following Papa Roach since the their debut album, come to think of it I was hanging with my cousin and Last Resort came on the radio and at that moment Papa Roach became #1 in my book=) and hey its not everyday your favorite band is formed the year you were born, so long story short I was born to rock out to P-Roach!

I also play video games and like to draw to pass the time. A weird talent of mine is imitation, I can do Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Barbossa, Yoda, Jeff Foxworthy, Indian telemarketer, Scotish, Irish, Donald Duck, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elvis, that annoucer guy for movies, My grandpa's annoying parrot, and alot more:) all the product of too much free time!

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