Recharging our batteries

Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 10:37 AM By: Tony P.

Sorry it has been so long since I've connected with the people of Roachland. I got lost in the best tour I've ever been on!! We are home now and I just want to give a huge thanks to all who came out and saw Crue Fest. We felt unstoppable on this tour and we hope we've recruited many new P.R. fans. Looking out and seeing brand new faces was cool and by the end of our show I think you all felt the energy being thrust upon your eardrums. The band feels very fortunate to have had this opportunity to tour with Motley Crue. I had an amazing time pulling double duty with Sixx A.M. as well. I felt the challenge everyday in doing both sets and it was just what I needed to better my chops. As you know we are finishing the new record and let me tell you we all have a strong feeling about this one. As with any record you try and better yourself and your song writing. I believe we have achieved this. The songs have great depth and emotion to them. Even though I wasn't involved in any other record I am very excited for the fans, old and new to hear our newest accomplishment. I can't thank the fellas enough for bringing me on board to help create this new chapter in the P. Roach camp. A huge thanks as well to our amazing crew for getting the job done successfully, day in and day out. We are looking forward to seeing you on our next run which begins in October. Thank you all for your unconditional support.
Tony P.

  1. xxKaraxx avatar

    On Oct 23, xxKaraxx said:

    keep rockin we love you

  2. PROACHF0R3v3R avatar

    On Oct 21, PROACHF0R3v3R said:

    wow!....really i papa roach camp!!!!! i will love that so much
    and i'll join as soon as it comes out
    if they do make the camp lets hope i see most of ya there

  3. gypsy_rose226 avatar

    On Sep 20, gypsy_rose226 said:

    New tour starts in Oct? Yay! Happy b-day to me! Keep rockin, Tony! :) And, greetings from KY!

  4. wardlly avatar

    On Aug 26, wardlly said:

    i hope that you have a nice rest alots off fun i hope to see you in michigan again lots off love

  5. Gaby iZ alivE anD oUt of cOntroL foR P-ROACH!! avatar

    Glad for u have a great time ;)
    u are the best band in all the world :D!!
    i fell happy for the new record!!!!!!
    U are a great guy!! :D

  6. PRoach4life avatar

    On Aug 26, PRoach4life said:

    LOVE U GUYS 4 LIFE VIVA LA CUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. shaddixgirl1 avatar

    On Aug 18, shaddixgirl1 said:

    u rock Tony! keep killing those fuckin' drums! LOL :)

  8. Olzzie avatar

    On Aug 17, Olzzie said:

    Jus wacthed tht video of you behind the kit playin Between angels and insects, your so fukin gd man! Keep rockin!

  9. freakForProach avatar

    On Aug 16, freakForProach said:

    Cant wait til the next tour through the east coast!

  10. Luum avatar

    On Aug 14, Luum said:

    You were great, and my boyfriend has one of your drumsticks =D

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