Greetings baby roaches

Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 6:13 PM By: Tony P.

Hello to all in P. Roach land. We have been so immersed in our new record that it has taken me until now to get it together and join the rest of you on what is called the P. Roach Riot. For those who know me, know that I can barely keep up with my own myspace page. Not because of the volume of messages but because of sheer laziness. This is my attempt to finally keep up with all the gabby people and try and share my thoughts. I will say this, my time in this band so far has been an outstanding experience. The fact that I play with three other guys who care intensely about their careers and the music created is contentment for my soul. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to play and create music with the Roaches. I know I saw many of you last year from the stage and it was amazingly powerful to be up there blasting sounds into your ears. As I said, the record we've been working on has not been without its challenges, but with that said the end result aims to satisfy your rock and roll needs. It is full of rock riffs, whole hearted vocals and pounding beats. The songs are tight, punchy and full of hooks. I can't wait to unleash the sonic sounds to all of you. Until then, hopefully we'll see all of you out this summer with the Crue.

  1. NVME avatar

    On Apr 20, NVME said:

    this is really late but I LOVE U TONY...(start psotin comments pweez?)

  2. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 05, Hybrid911 said:

    baby roaches aww haha x

  3. Pr 4 life avatar

    On Feb 01, Pr 4 life said:

    hey tony, your amazing, and so glad your with papa roach, Rock on!

  4. tfrey29 avatar

    On Sep 22, tfrey29 said:

    Hey Tony glad to have you on board...I'm really excited to hear how you've added to the sound of the band. Good Luck, and please come to Erie Pa...we never get any good bands up here ever...I have to drive three hours to Pittsburgh to see Cruefest, but I'll be there on the 31st!

  5. JacobyHuggedMe!! avatar

    On Jun 29, JacobyHuggedMe!! said:

    July 1st babyy!!!! See you there!!!!!!!! :D

  6. ania_wwefan avatar

    On Jun 27, ania_wwefan said:

    i miss dave :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Obsessed1 avatar

    On Jun 27, Obsessed1 said:

    August 2 Baby!!! Best of luck with the first tour. Should be really exciting. Change is a good thing.

  8. SheBuildsQuickMachines avatar

    On Jun 25, SheBuildsQuickMachines said:

    ...yay heartpounding beats...

  9. barbkickass avatar

    On Jun 25, barbkickass said:

    How can you guys be so easily bought? NO ONE can ever replace DAVE, anyone who thinks that is crazy!! And rufiiia stop talking like he's dead!!!! It's enough that it'll never be the same again!!!

  10. Shaddix_baby16 avatar

    On Jun 24, Shaddix_baby16 said:

    HEY.. UHH YA THINK I COULD GET JACOBY'S EMAIL?? lol sorry but it would make me go fucking crazy if i could actually talk to him, and have his email.. ( duh )

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