First show aches

Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 2:56 PM By: Tony P.

Well, the first show of Crue Fest is now history and we thank you, West Palm Beach, for making it an awesome night. It seems that all the bands are working out the kinks and I think the night was a success. I'm feeling the back to back sets I did with Sixx A.M. and P. Roach. It usually takes about a week to get into tour mode but I've never played two sets a night so it might take my old ass a little longer! It's much more physical than studio mode. Speaking of, the record is nearing completion and we cannot wait to infect your minds with the wide range of musical assault it covers. Hope everyone last night had an amazing experience and we're looking forward to each and every show coming up. Bring your friends, neighbors, cousins or whoever else you can to the event of the summer and you'd better be ready to get your asses rocked!!

Tony P.

  1. Proachluvr avatar

    On Mar 09, Proachluvr said:

    Gah, I wanted to go see you guys at that show so bad..='(
    But I will catch you all the next time around, no doubt! Rock on.

  2. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 05, Hybrid911 said:

    i'm glad you're a proach member tony! at first i was like ooo whats it gonna be like without dave but you're much better and nicer and aww yeah rock on x

  3. syk avatar

    On Aug 22, syk said:

    Dude...I was front row center for that show. You gave my cousin your drumstick when you played with Sixx AM and Jerry gave me his pick. Im sure you remember us...we were going fucking nuts. You guys shocked the hell out of me...that was one of the best shows I have seen. All of you have so much energy...keep kicking ass!

  4. Obsessed1 avatar

    On Jul 31, Obsessed1 said:

    Next stop Vegas---20 on RED!

  5. LikeViolence avatar

    On Jul 10, LikeViolence said:

    You get to look at Nikki Sixx's backside every night. That should make all the pain go away. :P

  6. jasminefischer avatar

    On Jul 07, jasminefischer said:

    Sounds like a great show!
    You'll get used to playing really hard :D

  7. psycho chick avatar

    On Jul 05, psycho chick said:

    ahhh sucks to be you ahahaha but I will be seeing you guys on the 18th of this month and I caint wait!!!!!!!!! I will be 31 weeks pregnant in a bathing suit ahahaha so Im sure I cant be to hard to miss lol

  8. ania_wwefan avatar

    On Jul 05, ania_wwefan said:

    f$%& you tony ......................... i miss dave ...................................

  9. between angel and insect avatar

    On Jul 04, between angel and insect said:

    I can't wait for the album! Thanks for updating us Tony. Wish I could see you guys live. One day...

  10. LDG143 avatar

    On Jul 04, LDG143 said:

    Last night ROCKED in Tampa!!!!

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