1. karla-rockers avatar

    On Jun 04, karla-rockers said:


  2. PapaNash avatar

    On Apr 07, PapaNash said:

    you're welcome :3

  3. TLC avatar

    On Mar 10, TLC said:

    Haha, pretty damn good!

  4. Amanda.L.R.T avatar

    On Jan 31, Amanda.L.R.T said:

    Hey, Im not sure if the band will ever read this, really hope so but yeah, Thank you guys for making awsome tunes, You guys will never really know how much you help so many people, You guys have brought the dead cold back to life. I Love You Guys!

  5. As Far As I Remember avatar

    On Jan 25, As Far As I Remember said:

    Why you no come with new blogs? >:o

  6. ANGIEPACE27 avatar

    On Jan 24, ANGIEPACE27 said:

    Love the music, awesome live shows. The mixture of ballads and hard core rock and roll makes the band especially unique. There is always something for everyone on each and every album. Keep Rockin'!! love you guys!! ;)

  7. freshball avatar

    On Jan 23, freshball said:

    Thank you TONY for this tour, especcially for RUSSIA's ST.Pitersburg's concert! That was Perfect time for annihilation!
    Good time in "studio life" for a while ;)

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