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Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 8:17 PM By: Tony P.

Well, it's been awhile since I've vomited words on this site. Actually have been enjoying time away from the public machine. We've been writing some new tunes and experiencing the food and night life Sacramento has to offer. We're now shacked up in the infamous New Jersey trying to channel some songwriting vibes from the Boss himself. We'll be finishing up here then doing some rehearsing for the upcoming states tour. Looks like it's gonna be another summer of radio and headlining shows. Lots of sun and loud music and festive drinking! Sounds like y'all should join us. Back to the new shit, we have riffs and grooves that fit right into the classic P. Roach style. You're only getting 5 new ones so we're making them as strong as possible. Plus we just finished listening to the live stuff and it's gonna be a stellar collection of old and new tunes for you to jam out to. Alright until next time y'all be cool ya here? Mr. T

  1. Milk avatar

    On May 24, Milk said:

    I know its too late now but yeaaaah!!!!!

  2. Race Rider avatar

    On Apr 03, Race Rider said:

    Good deal Tony...
    5 new ones!!.. . Summer tour...?? yes!!.. Epicenter in Fontana again?? ..
    That was waaaaayyyy to hot.. 105 degrees .. in the shade..
    have to say...Burn is the best Drum... you are so great...
    Glad you get to spend some time with your family Tony.. .
    See ya in Anaheim, LA, Vegas, and Bakersfield..
    luv ya man

  3. Mchele avatar

    On Apr 01, Mchele said:

    First of all, I love you. second of all, you're not coming to NC, third of all you need to be on twitter so I can bombard you on a daily with my thoughts. Love...

  4. Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 avatar

    On Aug 07, Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 said:

    Keep up the good work! I cant wait to get the new album! It is gonna be AMAZING!

  5. Sayama avatar

    On Jul 05, Sayama said:

    Hey Can I join? I know its too late now but yeaaaah

  6. xXGhostQueen13Xx avatar

    On May 12, xXGhostQueen13Xx said:


  7. shutefukup avatar

    On May 11, shutefukup said:

    Lets go shoot some guns!!! Shazam... thats what im talking about !! ;)

  8. ashleychandler92 avatar

    On May 07, ashleychandler92 said:

    Wow Most bands like to spend time away from each other when there not on tour but it seem like yall are one big family and thats good cause all the family bands stay together and yall were awsome toninght at katt fest and i love to watch yall play and it seems like aton of ppl from oklahoma do to i dont think that there was one person that was not standing and screaming we all wanted you to do one more song i love your new songs and i know every one else will to yall are doing great

  9. Emily561 avatar

    On May 01, Emily561 said:

    I lovee Jersey I was born there!!! just got back from the WPB concert at roxys you rockeddd it

  10. wardlly avatar

    On Apr 03, wardlly said:

    can't wait hope too see you in michigan. lots of love

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