Studio tans and gangsta jams

Mon, May 7, 2012 at 4:24 PM By: Tony P.

Yo everyone, just here to give a few words about some exciting, upcoming shtuff. First off, we will finally be getting out of our studio this summer, with our studio tans, to rock your worlds!!! We are extremely proud and anxious to unleash the new material onto you. We are very fortunate to have been able to take our time digging deep and creating the next Papa Roach musical journey. This time around xibits some of the heaviest, most gangsta tracks the band has ever written and they're sure to make you lose your minds live. We hope it shows that we keep learning how to channel our raw emotions and bring you material that you can count on relating to. This is both the best and worst time for me knowing the record is almost finished but it will still be awhile before the release is finalized. It's going to feel amazing to get back on that stage because I think we're all creatively drained and ready to not think about writing. On another songwriting note, we have a couple of friends that have launched a songwriting website. It is called and it allows you, the amatuer or professional songwriter, to showcase your talents by submitting songs. You actually get the chance to have a song climb the charts just like your influences. Each song is categorized by genre and is voted for by the sites' members. It's also an instant way to get feedback on your talents. So if you can't figure out what to do with those songs laying around go check out the site and submit them to see what happens. They're also running a contest that you can enter to win some very helpful songwriting gear. So don't be afraid, upload a song and be a part of web history!! We'll see you on the road very soon. I'm shaking with anticipation!
Tony P.

  1. Credige avatar

    On Feb 04, Credige said:

    I can't wait this, please hurry up !!! :D

  2. AmberxxxxLOveSxxxxPapaRoach avatar

    On Sep 24, AmberxxxxLOveSxxxxPapaRoach said:

    OMG I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. joeyandlacy avatar

    On Sep 17, joeyandlacy said:

    im sorry to bother yall but i need your help papa roach. my name is joseph mcclendon and i orderd the delux edition with yalls autograph when it first came out from they took it out of my bank account and then said it was denied. it is still in my bank account. i ordered it because me and my girlfriend are huge fans and she like worships yall. lol she even named her dog jacoby and now she wants a pet ferrit named shaddix. we went to your concert for our 1 year aniversary in livingston. our song is no matter what. lol she said my name like 1,000 times when she found out yall autographed your cd's so i tried my hardest to get it for her. we have been together 2 years and 4 months as of the 21 of this month. i would do anything for her. she is my life. she is what saved me from myself bc i was doing wrong and was giving up. she has gave me the coffidence to stand back up and keep fighting. i dont know what to do guys. i just really wanted to get your autographs for her. i understand if you couldnt give me one but if u can give her one that would be perfect. i would do anything. please, i dont wanna dissapoint her :/

  4. Unnessecaryenglishguy39 avatar

    On Jul 01, Unnessecaryenglishguy39 said:

    I cant wait that long im going to die nooooooooooooooo ill have my friend bring my dead body to the concert anyway though

  5. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Jun 16, DeadCellPunk said:

    Sad I missed this when it was fresh off the press, as I don't hang around here much lately. People talk a lot of shit, (kinda; some are EXTREMELY sweet also) which is just not the kind of Papa Roach brotherhood vibe I sense in person from you guys. I am ecstatic about the new music & tour, CANNOT WAIT to see you guys again & I think the site you site you mentioned sounds fawken cool as frozen mangoes.
    Love Ya Tony! Thanks for the blog!!! xoxox

  6. Naomi Patrick avatar

    On Jun 12, Naomi Patrick said:

    No Cali...Bummer

  7. amypaparoachaddict avatar

    On Jun 10, amypaparoachaddict said:

    Hello when yous doing tours in UK again? i love yous i really wanna know, thanks xx

  8. laladuran avatar

    On Jun 09, laladuran said:

    Super excited for the new album. Can't wait to see you guys back on tour again. Hope you guys come to at least my state. (Oregon).

  9. *Love~or~Die~Trying* avatar

    On May 26, *Love~or~Die~Trying* said:

    Super excited Tony! Im bringin both boys this time :) And Lukas got a mini drum set and has been practicing. Your his inspiration now haha

  10. Michelle2011 avatar

    On May 25, Michelle2011 said:

    that just made my day..I was sooo hoping that the album would be heavier very freaking cool..very cool on the songwriting site..lots of ideas for songs..I do lyrics but don't know the musical part..oh well such as life

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