Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 3:04 PM By: Tony P.

Well I'm just sitting here in SLC and I'm wondering what to blog about. Jerry is sitting next to me strummin his guit-fiddle. The lights in our dressing room are too bright and I'm waiting for a hangover to kick in. Tobin is now eating a salad with jalapenos. He's trying to make me feel bad because I didn't workout with him today. We've been doing the P90X plan and it's kicking our asses. I think it's the only infomercial product I've ever fallen for. Should be a good show tonight as the weather is stellar. The rain has been following us lately, not much fun! I am excited to visit Japan for my third time. I will be getting my first tattoo done tebori style so I'm sure that'll feel good. Also looking forward to the typical four hour sit down meals one encounters in Japan. Complete with a set of slippers for your feet, yep leave your shoes at the door. I do recommend a trip to Japan if you've never been. Can't forget we are coming back to Europe to rock the shit out of you once again. It's been many years since I've been to Poland and I hope it's not as cold as the last time. Jacoby just got back from the doctor with a viral infection in his stomach. He is now shoving a suppository up his bum. Exciting things are happening all around me today!


  1. KJ avatar

    On Sep 11, KJ said:

    Yeah, I just googled Tebori style tattoo. I'd have to say, No way in Hell!! I'll stick to getting inked here in the States. (As if I get tattoos often) Haha. So I enjoyed your blog. Good luck with the P90X. Looks too intense for me. I do Turbo Jam and love it. Have fun in Europe, and we see ya back in Michigan soon I hope!!!

  2. PapahhRoachhLoveer. avatar

    On Sep 05, PapahhRoachhLoveer. said:

    Aww poor Coobyy :(
    Hope he's ready for October because if he's not i wont be cruel enough to rock the shit out of him during lifleline...
    I like the nonsense that goes on in yourr wonderrfuul worrld :D
    Love Y'all xx

  3. Bry avatar

    On Sep 03, Bry said:

    ive been doin p90x for past month and half as well! ive lost motivation though past 2 weeks lol.

  4. xxCobyDickLickaxx avatar

    On Sep 03, xxCobyDickLickaxx said:

    Oh god, i hope you guys won't look like this 'Huge-Muscle-but-small-dick' guys when you come back for the euro tour. Tobin has a perfect body, DUH!

    Oh jeez, Coby the Trooper. That dude needs alota sleep, no junk food and alota water.....HAHA...WHAAAAT?! i thought only kids get those suppository shoved up their asses, HAHA...oh no...xD HAHAHAHAA

    Can't wait to see ya'll. It's going to be fun!

  5. Kendall_Kadabra avatar

    On Sep 02, Kendall_Kadabra said:

    dude...u shouldnt get ur first tattoo tebori dad had one done that way over in japan and he said it hurt like HELL!!!

  6. Bakty avatar

    On Sep 02, Bakty said:

    Sorry to say Tony but well it's always quite cold in september in Poland :P But Hey... Dont worry I guess we'll warm You guys up with cheers
    See You soon - in Warsaw. Rock our asses up here :D

  7. Aurinko avatar

    On Aug 30, Aurinko said:

    I should´ve not been googeling "P90X" now...well, let´s hope you wont end up looking like those weird guys only consisting of muscles o.O

    and about the tattoo - good luck, have fun and less (or do you like pain? ;)) pain ^^

  8. BikerVixyn avatar

    On Aug 29, BikerVixyn said:

    I want 2 thank u so much for coming out (during the Nklcrap set) & meeting me (us)! It was Gr8 talking 2 u. I'm still smirking over the whole "inner massage" thing. ;D. Still working on getting 2 Vegas 4 the show next wknd! Sux, but if I can't make it happen I WILL see u again soon & the offer to ride my Harley still stands! I'll be there on it! Wish u would've felt up 2 taking a putt on it in SLC.
    Unless I'm the 1 misunderstanding u, every1 else is! Not ur 1st tattoo, it's ur 1st tebori style tattoo. Remember what I said...lot's of drugs!!!!
    The print shop that did my "Fu#k Nickleback I'm A PAPA ROACH Fan!" T-shirt called me & had more than a dozen orders come in 4 it! It's a huge success!!!! I just shipped 1 out 2 Indiana! BUT I AM THE ORIGINAL GIRL W/ THE CAHONEYS ENUF 2 WEAR IT! Luv u guys & hope all is well. Till next time

  9. riot girl avatar

    On Aug 28, riot girl said:

    im sure you have alot of things to tell to you grandkids in the future... hahaha
    damn i think its really cool that you travel the world!! i wish i could go on tour but im not playing anything and dead cat sings better then me... life not fair...
    oh well.. i have to deal with whats i'v got..

  10. Mia *LOVE* M avatar

    On Aug 28, Mia *LOVE* M said:

    wow your life is absolutly full of wonderous thigs

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