I need a nap!

Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 3:59 PM By: Tony P.

Hello people of Europe and Japan. We cannot thank you enough for the time we spent together, forging heart felt live music with genuine animalistic reactions. Or was it animalistic music with heart felt reactions? I'd say both happened and it was magical. We feel like we've been on a pirate ship touring the world and we are stronger than ever. Our ship has tattered sails, beards, smells from the stage, crusty language and a few drunks. But all in all we've managed to keep it together and are about to set sail once again. I cannot leave out the fact that we made our first visit to Poland and it was truly a memorable one. It's usually an amazing experience when you break into a new market because the kids are down right crazy! Poland was definitely crazy that night. It had been ten years since I visited Japan and I also appreciate its' fine people. The culture is always impressive and polite. Having fresh sashimi four nights in a row is something I could never get sick of either. The kids rocked out at Loud Park and also in Osaka and we appreciate all who came out. We also stayed in some amazing hotels such as Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow Scotland. I mean anybody who plays golf would get excited once they walked into there room to see a practice putter along with a ball and one of those electronic ball returner devices! Not to mention feeling like royalty eating an exquisite meal downstairs. I must say I can speak for all of us in that we have run ourselves a little ragged. Do not fear though, we always find the energy to do what we do. See you on the next states run, I need a nap!
Tony P.

  1. TakumaDemonReborn avatar

    On Dec 16, TakumaDemonReborn said:

    wow...uve been to far places...could you come to the philippines please?

  2. Ritka avatar

    On Dec 14, Ritka said:

    Hi,Tony!come back to Russia!)))

  3. Yogi avatar

    On Dec 09, Yogi said:

    hi plzzz come 2 INDIA

  4. Rockchick44 avatar

    On Dec 01, Rockchick44 said:

    Are you coming back to the u.k next year?? please?? xxx

  5. cooky avatar

    On Nov 07, cooky said:

    i love it when you´re in Europe.

  6. simbelmineee avatar

    On Oct 30, simbelmineee said:

    hell yeah xD Concert in Poland was absolutely awesome. It was madness^^,
    don't let us wait long 4 the next concert n' keep rockin' !

  7. wardlly avatar

    On Oct 27, wardlly said:

    lol we all do some times hope you like the cold wether in michigan. lots of love have fun

  8. eraTiic avatar

    On Oct 26, eraTiic said:

    uhhh i wait for you to come back again to austria
    luv ya guys

  9. PapahhRoachhLoveer. avatar

    On Oct 25, PapahhRoachhLoveer. said:

    i like naps but i take them without deserving them x

  10. Dakota Love avatar

    On Oct 24, Dakota Love said:

    i wished that i would have been able to fly over there to see you guys again this year and to go site seeing

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