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About bruised inside out

hI HoW aRe yOU? wELcoMe 2 mY paGe whERe yoU caN taLK tO mE anD bEcOMe eITher a FriEnD oR AN eNeMy...I hAvE nO prObLem wItH aNsWerInG qUeStIOnS tHaT u mAy hAVE....
I am 16 years old, but I will be 17 Dec. 10th
I am currently a sophomore(a few more weeks tho) then will be a junior!!! YEZ!!
I love animals, and adore rats and birds...I currently have 6 dogs but the two babies are going to different homes :') :)
My best friends mean the world to me, so I dont let people get away with hurting any of them...*hint, hint*
I am single which kinda sux but ha its alright i guess :P
If you want to know anything else dont hesitate to ask.

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