Kyah, it's six and I wanna screaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! >_<

Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 5:00 AM By: Traumend

FUCK YES! I want to run around the house screaming my head off!!! But, I can't cause my brother and his son is here. He's only five months. DAMNIT! I have all this fucking energy and I need to let it out!!! GAWH!!! Plus, I had this really fucked dream where P-Roach were swimwear models. xDDD Then, Billie Piper was there so, I was like, 'Fuck you, that's Billie Piper in a bikini!' xDD;

So, yeah, anyway. I think I'm going to turn some music on but. not too loud and headbang or just freak out on my couch.

Oh! Which reminds me. My brother, Eric, kept talking about this stupid dance Jacoby does in Between Angels and Insects. >>; Well, I've never really liked that video so, I haven't paid much attention to it. But, It's Eric's favorite song so, he noticed. So, he finally showed me last night and HOMAIGAH! WTF is that called? xD Watch it. xD Watch his feet whenever it gets to the chorus. xDD Fucking weird, ne?


I'mma go that. :D

--Nahnah Shaddix

  1. Traumend avatar

    On Jul 30, Traumend said:

    Lmao! It might be. xD He's really into that footwork. :D
    &&zomg!! Drums! That would be so frickin fun!! :DDD

  2. snaredrummer9 avatar

    On Jul 29, snaredrummer9 said:

    scream. into. pillow. ooorr plaaaaay......drums? that dance, hmm, michal jackson? haha no............

  3. aimless54915 avatar

    On Jul 29, aimless54915 said:

    gee thanx, ya had to mention his moves...i went to go check it out and i think i figured out what he's the one scene, they show his foot lift and there's some goop on it...i think his dance is actually him trying to get all that crap off his shoes:P

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