boxers. xD

Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 9:01 AM By: Traumend

I wonder if they'd be fun to wear. xDD Though, I don't want people to look at me and go 'she's a lesbian'. You knoes? I'm not though. I suppose I'm just bi but, anyway. That's why I still wear skirts sometimes and makeup. o_<;; Even though, I've been mistaken for a boy multiple times cause of my short hair. Pweh. Evil people. I'm a frickin girl~ It's just from behind people think I'm a guy though. But, yeaaaah. I wondeeerrrr.   

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    On Jul 30, Traumend said:

    :D I'll definitely have to try em now. &&Thank you Psycho~ People are so stupid nowadays, fuck em all~ :DD

  2. psycho chick avatar

    On Jul 29, psycho chick said:

    I like wearing boxers. They are comfy so dont be afraid to try them. I know they have boxers for girls. Ah fuck people who think you are guy. As long as you are happy about who you are Fuck everyone else and what they think.
    ...and its ok to be bi even though im married i am too. LOL!!!

  3. Cowboy avatar

    On Jul 29, Cowboy said:

    boxers kick ass. theyre comfy and spacey...but yea im a guy. i dont know about chicks wearing them. ive heard about it though but yea.

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