Wanna see how retarded I am?

Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 11:35 PM By: Traumend

Ohes yes. :DD I found my videos from over a year ago. They're on youtube. :DDD I was a huge Naru-tard before it came to America and was made for little kiddies. e_e;; But! In these vids you can see that I was infact, a naru-tard. :D It's at my dad's nice big house and I'm the one with the thingy on her head. My brother, Cody is the other one. It was like, two in the morning and we were bored as fuck. Also, my dad and his girlfriend were asleep in the other room so, we were trying to be quiet. In one of them, there's this long period of nothing. xD That's because when the thingy fell it made a big boom and we ran. harhar. So, without further ado~ Here's my narutarded vids from over a year ago~ I still had my long hair, though you can't tell. Oh oh! I have no clue what we're saying in these. I don't have speakers right now. xD;


Yeah. I screw with the video at the beginning...again. xD &&Chyyyeaaah. I'm wearing a ICP shirt, btw. Ah, In this one we had a little skit that went horribly wrong. I kicked that thingy off his head and it boom and we ran. xD


In this one we're throwing those little things you put your cups on so it does leave rings. o_o xDD Yeah. I'm that blur you see every now and then. xD We know we need help. xD


This one is just for your viewing pleasure. xDD


Okay. This one is a serious one..sorta. It was for the girl in the red's school project. Figure out who I am and you get cookies. Or if you figure out what movie it's a complete rip off of. :D This one was made back in March this year.


The night before we shot the movie trailer above. Weasel fun! :D That's mai fingah~ :DD &You know you love my trick. xD Ohoh! That's a fazoli and 'I'm an Aunt' button I'm wearing. teehee.


Same night. I stole her haat. :DDD &&Kakashi's the fucking sex, dude.


One thing to say: BOOB SHOT! xD I wasn't aware it was that bad!


Maxie/nyuu/Jessie Whatevarr. She made this on her own. :D It was during this strange t.a.T.u. period I had. Cool, ne?

If you're wondering. Yes, I have gone by Hinata, Tatsuki, Souseiseki, Keira...The list goes on and on.

&&&My hair is shorter and redish purpleish now. :D I think I'm going to let it grow out again. The reason I cut it was cause I gotted lice. e_e; And I hate to let it get longer causecause it flares at the ends. >_<;



Hope you enjoiied. :DD I did~ Cheered my angsty ass up! :DD


Well. That and my brother singing 'SUFFOCATION! MASTURBATION!' HAHA! He changed Scars too..I can't really remember it right now though. D:


--Nana Shaddix.

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