omfg! I fxcking hate roaches!!!

Thu, Aug 2, 2007 at 2:47 PM By: Traumend

Seriously!! They creep me out!!! Every house I've ever lived in, except for one, has always had roaches!! And now, I've seen two in this bedroom. But, before, in my old room there were a zillion of the fuckers! I mean, our house really is never that dirty! It's like they follow us!! ;o; I haaaateeee theeeeeeeeeeeeeem.




It's just funny that my favorite band has the word roach in the title. Though, I know the reason why. o_<;;



Mrs. Smith sucks. She had us coloring!!! Though, it was fun, but, I didn't like the fact she was treating us like fifth graders. e_e; She came from the 5/6 Center. That school sucked ass anyway. Mrs. Ray was cool though. :D

But yeah.

This year sucks. They're having us take notes! and outlines! I want to be a senior by the end of the year~ I can't if I'm wasting time taking notes! I'm an A B honor roll student(Though, they don't really have that at my current school). Beside the point! I've never had to take notes...Or usually read the freaking lesson one than once. >_< And I can't just say I'm taking notes either. They made it a grade. Every single lesson. Notes. I wish I were in the computer lab now. >_< They don't take notes in there. Gawh.

I think the school I once loved is... Gone. >_<


Nana's out, peace.


Or whatever. My brother says that alot.



--Nana Shaddix.

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    On Aug 05, Traumend said:

    Of course! I love my school! My teachers are nice and we can say whatever we want! B and I never get in trouble cause the teachers think we're the nicest little girls in the world. Hah. :D

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    On Aug 02, snaredrummer9 said: liked school?

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