Sun, Aug 5, 2007 at 10:34 PM By: Traumend

Hecks yes. :D B, my friend, came over and woah. Dude, do not give us the interweb and leave us alone! xD We're horrible. xD Of course, we youtube'd. :DD Tokio Hotel and P-Roach somehow just isn't as fun without sound. ._. So, we headed over to this one site. You type in a question and it tells you yes or no. >>; We found out things we really didn't want to know about my brother. xD It said that in the next five years, He was going to rape Jacoby and it was gonna hurt, but not bad. xDD Just a little bit. Oh. And yeah, my brother would be the pitcher. xDDDD So, now, if my brother ever talks about going to a Papa Roach concert, I'mma tie him up in the closet. xDD Poor Jacoby. First he had ten million fan girls and now this! xD And you know we had to act that shit out. It would be one random day in some random place. Jacoby is just walking along and bam! Out of fucking no where my brother tackles him and he's all 'get the fuck off me!' xD It was funnier in real life cause I looked like a fish out the zee water screaming that. xDD But, anyway. We fuckin xtube'd. xD homaigah. Porn is freaking hilarious to us. It always has been. xDD Except for this one time but, we won't get into that. >>;; So! Yeah. I mean, wow. I have a question. How the hell can ANYONE like anal? Seriously! ewww. >>; I'd smack a fucker. xDD buuut, Yeah.

My computer crashed today. That sucked. >_<; My anus raping brother fixed it and played runescape! :D ...Then kept asking if Scarred came on. o_e; He really makes us wonder sometimes. Gawh. Oh. I told him it didn't and he was like' Yes it does! It's the new episode where Jacoby's naked through the entire thing!' I stopped. I mean, you know, like hesistated. xDD Funny.  

You know. I'm a very repressed kind of person most of the time. This one night.. Actually, the Steve-O night, B was talking about Jacoby and she was like 'Girl, you'd be all up on that!' And I was just like, 'No.. I wouldn't do that...' So, she says, 'Oh really? If just walked up to you right now and was like "fuck me" you would say no?' Of course I hesistated answering that one. xDD

That's called the 'fuck me' test now. xDD Use it. xD!



I went to the park today! o: and I wore a skirt! I'm the palest person in Owensboro, I looked fucking weird! xD then, I saw my sister, Miranda! :D She was cool. It's so weird seeing her now. I mean after all those years.. then the damn divorce.. Now we aren't sure if we should call each other sisters. I'm still going to! Buut anyway. This like, ten year old wanted to steal my shirt. ._. Cause it was Evanescence. :D And they rule. But, yeah. That was fun.


There's some bitch at school saying that me and B are lesbians and we go into the bathroom at school and kiss and shit. Hecks naw. I don't freaking care, I like sweet shy little blondes! Okay?! B is nothing like that! She's my best friend and we're cool but, we're not together! And it also pissed me off that she said I was a lesbian! I'm not! I freaked out and started screaming friday. I just ran up to this table yelling, 'I'm not a lesbian! I'm fucking bi! okay?! Jesus Christ on a bicycle!' xDD >>; Ginger Snaps. :D But, anyway. My brother's going to say something to her tomarrow. Hehe =]

You know what's funny? I like insane, like fucking ADD guys. Hah. >>; Jordan. xDD Hahaahhhaaaaaah. I wonder why I ever broke up with him.  xDD I really don't remember. xD; but, BESIDE THE POINT! And then, In girls, I like what said above. Sweetness..cuteness :3 It's just weird.


I lubbed her. ;o; Wanna see how insanely sweet she sounds and how freaking cute she is? Youtube, babeh. She hates me now though.

The last like, thirty seconds will show you. She's the blonde, of course. I never knew if that was her real hair color though.. I only ever saw her as Roxas and Sora. ;-; I was Kairi. IT WORKED! But, noes. She liked this Namine girl. >_< Damn. Oh well. Over it.

Actually. What really made me stop thinking about her was this whole P-Roach Jacoby obsession type thing. =] I'mma have to leave them comments about that. :D

I'mma go do that! :DDD

--Nana Shaddix[One day, I swear I'm changing my last name to that. It's just fucking awesome. And it would piss my dad off. :D ]

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    On Aug 06, snaredrummer9 said:

    ...i didn't feel like reading the entire thing so i'm goning to say; "i have anime porno that's not considered porno" :)

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