Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 9:23 PM By: Traumend


But but, I gots to stop now.. My brother should be home any minute now. Damn. ;o;

oohoohhooohhhh. Everyone keeps asking me who Jacoby is. Damn them! Rawr! Just Kay to zee kayzzilleee gots the name on her binder does not give this tards to ask me questions!! It's cause I have a class where Breezy-Pooh isn't in it. ;o; So so, everyone asks me all these weird questions. 'Are you a lesbian?' 'Are you and that blue haired chick going out?' It's annoying. e_e; It's in gym too. I hate that class. e_e;;; LEMME DO MY GEOMETRY PACKET IN PEACE!! fuck. 

I'm going to Bree's house tomarrow.. That should be funn....

Shooorttt blooooggg. And I'm not too happeh with p-roach. They logged in but, no blog? xD;

oh oh. &&Bree likes Hayley Williams. Harhar.~ 


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