wow. my friend on myspace just fucked up all up!

Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 10:39 PM By: Traumend

He's roleplaying as Jacoby Shaddix. xDDD I have this cool marquee thingy of friends on my profile. At the time I put him in there, he was Reno. You know, final fantasy? Yeah. So. I was going through the list to see who all still talked to me or whatever. I clicked on reno and fuckin Jacoby pops up. xDDDD The first thing I actually saw was his little headline thingy. It had lyrics from scars. So, I was gonna comment on that but, then, bam! I seriously pushed back like, three feet in my nice rolly chair, threw up my hands and yelled, 'what the fuck?!' xDDDDD He fuckin' got that off me. Cause cause, I'm Nana Shaddix. &&When he saw that he was like, 'harhar.. Is you father.. JACOBY SHADDIX!' XDD; Damn. He never told me he changed characters. xDD; God. That fucked me in ways I never thought it was possible to be fucked. xDD wow. . .xD

Here's his myspace, by the way.. :


--Nana Shaddix. 

  1. Traumend avatar

    On Aug 11, Traumend said:

    xD! I should do that. But, I already know who it is. xD;

  2. snaredrummer9 avatar

    On Aug 10, snaredrummer9 said:

    pssst, you gotta ask him questions that the REAL Shaddix would know. then you photoshop a comment supposily said by Shaddix saying that's not true :)

  3. Traumend avatar

    On Aug 10, Traumend said:

    OMFG. HE'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND TOO! xDDDDDD She should change to Kelly. xDDDD

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