Jacoby got me in trouble at school xDD

Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 3:01 PM By: Traumend

Seriously! My teacher was talking about his age &&he said he was 31 so, I was all 'Har!! harr!!Chure awesomer now!!!' He wondered whyyy~

Now, he knows about my tiny obsession type thing~ Psshhh. It's not like have it written everywheree. But, he doesn't know who Jacoby is exactly. I guess he thought he was a friend of mine. xDD I wish!! Buut, yeah.. He asked why he was col cause of his age &&I told him cause Jacoby was the same age. He was like, 'I'll see you after class!' xDD Errr'yone laughed at moi. ._. But, yeaah. He actually held me after class, called my next period teach and everything. I told him who he was and all that. God, it was so funny though. He said he was close to hunting Jacoby down and burying him in his backyard. xD! Gewd. It makes me feel special~ Cause I don't really have much of a father so, I kinda adopted my teacher for mai fasha todayee~ :D 

also, 'nother funny story~ This one guy in my class, Shea, was messin with  that teacher, Mr. Hopkins. So, he came over to me and like, put his arm around me and was like 'oh, what now?' xDD All Mr. Hop had to do was take one step forward and Shea was freakin gone. xD Gewd. No one messes with Nana!! :DD 


o_o I thought it was cute. xDDD

 So, shhheeaaahhhhh. My day was great. xD 'Cept Mrs. Fucking Smith gave me a F again!! Mrs. Taylor never did!!! English is my thing and she's tearing it to pieces!!! >_<


Ya'll want a single say buck that. xDD That's what it sounds like!!! xDD

Well, I'mma rock out with my socks out~ 

Peace, Nana~ 

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    On Aug 14, Traumend said:

    xDD! Wow. I might have to check out them Catholic Schools. lawl!!

  2. SEE-ARE-UH avatar

    On Aug 14, SEE-ARE-UH said:

    lmao!!! your teacher?! hahaha i had pictures of jacoby dave jerry tobin and chris meloni on my binder and one of my teachers said "daaaaaaaaamn chris is sexxy!!" and i was like ewww! cuz shes like 63 lol and my homeroom teacher said hey arent those 4 in a band? cuz jerry and jacoby are fine and i was like wtf no way!!!! especially coming teachers AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL but it was funny

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