I swear, we're just one big p-roach family.

Sun, Aug 26, 2007 at 8:00 PM By: Traumend

seriously. My little brother runs around screaming 'To be loved' and he's four. I always have P-Roach playing on my stereo. Whenever my mother drives me somewhere, they're playing, and now my older brother's girlfriend just pissed him off so, he's going to drive around and he said he's going to have P-roach playing. Plus, when he used to drive me school(He quit last thursday), they'd be playing. 



It's just funny.

&I mean, even back in the day. I remember listening to Infest. xD It was my older brother's tape. x]

Papa Roach ownz our souls. Keehee~



--Nana shaddix 

  1. Traumend avatar

    On Aug 27, Traumend said:

    That's be so cute. xD Two little girls~ keehee

  2. Missy Aggravation avatar

    On Aug 26, Missy Aggravation said:

    my family too. my littel sisters are 5 and 6 and they love last resort. they sing it all the time. and we always BLAST gawm in the car. my mom now likes them more than ever.

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