Do you hate Shitney, Paris and all the hollywood whores just because Papa Roach do?

Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 6:09 AM By: RoCk TwInS

^^ The question... Do you hate Shitney, Paris and all the hollywood whores just because Papa Roach do?......
Our answer is... NO.. not just because of them its because they [ the hollywood whores] humiliate all the nation and think that they are the queens of the word [ which aren't]... Everything what they have done is made by the power of MONEY and not TALENT

Why do you hate or dislike them?

  1. *Steph avatar

    On Sep 10, *Steph said:

    Paris Hilton has always aggravated me a bit, being as she's only famous for her money. Though I have nothing against Brittany Spears nor her music. Her life is a bit of a wreck, but it's not up to me to judge her for that. She worked for what she's got, and she deserves it.

  2. Valeria rock 4ever avatar

    On Sep 10, Valeria rock 4ever said:

    I have nithing against them too,and yes i listened Britney's music before i loved her new hits when they showed up on MTV,but her life story is very instructive.There you can find out a really good lesson. Fame hit her head on! So she had break down. And when she got back to the scene,it was not the same.Its not the same Britney.
    And about Paris,personaly,i dont think she's a good person. Even if i belive in '' dont judge before you meet '' idk... i just dislike her face and i think her life is '' all about money''.

    Paris indeed WITHOUT talent,but Britney used to be very very famous and great singer,i looved her voice when she was teenager,but now i dont listen her songs anymore.The latest album is not bad,but im not too addicted.

  3. bobo971 avatar

    On Sep 10, bobo971 said:

    I've been hating them from so long before Papa Roach made the song "Hollywood Whore"...

  4. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Sep 10, jsgirl91 said:

    your right everything you said about the is true they have no talent at all and they just think they are better than everyone else.

  5. riot girl avatar

    On Sep 10, riot girl said:

    well i have nothing against them O__o its just.. i think they r stupid and that they became crazy and that the popularity totally messed their heads but i think their fans made them this way not them. they could keep be regular ppl..

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