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About scottiekins

Hey all,

I have been on here for 3 years but only just got a pic and started using this again -3/2/2012

So, my name's Scott. Nice to meet ya!.
Im a mix of Scottish,Hungarian&Carribean...Although I probably look like neither lol.
I Rock Out Of:Leeds In The UK. If anyone has met me in real life. You will know that I take rocking seriously =3
Messes Up:Dark Brown Hair; I used to be a short back and sides kinda guy. But after growing it, Im loving my long hair!
Doesnt Quite Tower Over People At: About 5'9...I was always one of the small ones *sob*
Glares Out Of:Brown Eyes.
My View On Papa Roach..
Well,its a dead cert to say that they have always kept getting better!
Cant stop playing Metamorphosis;
I think The Paramour Sessions is my favourite album; Getting Away With Murder is my most played driving album.
Saw them live in Sheffield, UK 2011. Best Performance Iv ever seen in my life!!!!!!
I dont think there is enough bands out there like PR which is why i think every PR FAN should chip in and find a way to keep them alive forever so they can keep making the music they do XD


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