Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 2:18 PM By: papa's girl

im leaving
im going now
this is goodbye
im sorry that i drove you through this unfaithfull lie
i promised id be here with you forever
but im going now im gone
to a place thats far away
i belong under the ground
in the flames
burning my heart
im with a dark and evil spirit
that has taken my soul
please dont fret
for i will see you soon
because you will be under the ground
outside of earth
in the flames of your burning heart
depression is over you cant feel a thing
your wondering why just as i did
im trying to explain but your not listening
because you have no ears
no mouth
no eyes
and no heart
the flames have burned them all away
you dont have to worry you wont miss them because suddenly you understand
that little line
that i was always warning you about
then ill repeat it
if you take your depression out on anyone
but yourself then the devil will get to you
and set you free of your horrible thoughts
isent that nice
you understand now
you took yours out on me
now i got you back
revenge is sweet
death is easy
no pain no gain
life is horrible
im leaving, now im gone
and your sorry
its a little to late

Your going to take a trip
to the devils home
for a brief visit
what will you do when your there
will you sit and stare
at the horrible things he does
and soon you will leave
knowing the difference between
a brush with death
in wich you get to live
and a visit with him
in wich you die and may come back
may being the key word

Your going to take a trip
to the devils home for a breif visit
what will you do when you get there
will you talk to the devil himself
or mabye even the spirits
although i will warn you
the dead arent the best people you will ever meet
or mabye you will sit and stare blankly into space
at all the troubled souls
that are sorounding you in this nightmare
you are wondering if you'll ever be free
then all of the sudden you seem to be back in your house
the devil has let you go
you are very grateful
you now know the difference
between a brush with death
were you go home being a better person
and a perment visit with him
in wich you are one of the souls
who are trapped in the pit
of the devils home
wich one whould you rather have?

  1. Papa Roach Fan 1515 avatar

    On Apr 26, Papa Roach Fan 1515 said:

    you should write about more positive things... why are these so sad?

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