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About VictoriaxLeighh

Hey there chicks, dicks, and misfits!

NAME: Victoria Leigh

AGE: 15

MUSIC: Good music, meaning NO auto tunned shit.

LIKES: GUYS! Cookies. Waffles. Candy. Music. Stars. Animals. Skateboarding (even though I'm not that good at it).

DISLIKES: Drama. Wannabes. Bad food. Liars. Backstabbers. Animal abusers. Bugs



FAVORITE BANDS: Papa Roach. Seether. Linkin Park. Slipknot. Korn. Breaking Benjamin.

RANDOM: I'm single (if it matters). I don't have a lot of true friends but I don't mind. I try to keep to myself but that doesn't work so well... I am shy but if you come to talk to me then I won't reject you. I am emo but that doesn't mean I cut myself. That means I think for myself and the I am real so judge me if you want but you need to know that I don't give a shit so your wasting your breath. Oh yeah I have been in to Papa Roach forever.

FAVORITE COLORS: purple black and silver (and red black and silver)

PIERCINGS: quite a few and I'm getting more.

FAMILY: mom, dad, big sis, and little bro. My little brother has a profile here and his user name in Lyon so go check him out.

ok so I'm tired of doing this so bye! And look!
( ^.^)
it's a bunny!

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