My weekend...

Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 2:28 PM By: VictoriaxLeighh

was absolutly horrible! My area was hit with a hurricane which didn't do much damage lucky but a good friend of mine died because of the hurricane. Her name is Katherine and she was only 15! She and her family were on their back to Virgina after being in Myrtle Beach, she was in North Carolina when it happened. The car she was in was going through an intersection that didn't have working traffic lights (the hurricane caused some of the power to go out in North Carolina.) So her car was hit and she ended up dying and the rest of her family survived but we don't know about their conditions right now. Everyone in my town is devistated! I live in a small town so when something like this happens, it affects everyone... I am starting school in a week and I don't know how to focus on anything when everyone in my school, including me, are going to still be mourning over Katherine's death. I'm afraid that my new principal (who is really strict) will not be sensitve to everyones loss. This school year will be extremely different, and I'm scared to see that difference. I don't know how to get my mind off of this. I need advice, somebody please help...?

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    On Aug 29, KrazyK said:

    Hey no prob...if you need to talk or anything you can msg me.

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    On Aug 28, VictoriaxLeighh said:

    Thank you KrazyK(': And sorry about your friends! I know how tough it is losing one friend but more than that has to be difficult! And thank you for the advice!

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    On Aug 28, KrazyK said:

    Wow! I am so sorry about your friend :( I have also lost accidents and it is hard. But your classmates will unite in mourning, you all can rely on eachother for support. As for a new principle, well just try and be prepared for what he or she may sure they'll have a statement prepared and try and sugar coat the situation. If that happens just stand up with your classmates. Tell your principle how u all want to remember your friend. We wrote on my friends locker. Eventually it got the principals attention. The school now has a scholarship in our friends name and his dad was involved with graduation. Once again I am sorry for your loss.

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