Lost it all

Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 3:40 PM By: VictoriaxLeighh

I lost all the respect that I had for my dad and alittle bit for my mom too. They say that it's ridiculous that someone I know says they are gay. My dad is completly against homosexuals and my mom doesn't have a problem with it but that fact that she said it was ridiculous for someone to say there gay at this age (13) made me really mad. I know that people have there opinions but the can't change the way people feel about others. My dad also thinks that the gay guys are "feminine" and shit but he doesn't even know hell I don't even think he cares! He keeps saying that the bible says this and the bible says that. But people shouldnt be judged just because they don't follow these "rules". People deserves to live the way they want to without hearing people disagree with there sexuality. My dad doesn't even know how that hurt me. I have absolutly no clue what my sexual orentation (sp.?) is and if I am bi I know that my dad won't care about me anymore... if he did care.
Basically my dad needs to learn to watch what he says before he says it because he has know idea who it will affect. Or how badly it will affect them.
So what do you think like do you think my dad is right?
Haha of course he's not! But I still want to know what you think.

  1. lovetragedy avatar

    On Feb 03, lovetragedy said:

    My mom is the same way. She is completely against homosexuals etc...

  2. Ashleey DeWyze * avatar

    On Feb 03, Ashleey DeWyze * said:

    Nawh. You're right. There's not too much of a difference if someone is gay or not. Love is love. Straight or not, you can't control your hormones =P But don't worry about your dad, if he's all bible talk, then he doesn't really know how to make his own opinions without the bible's help. Just be who you want, let it come to you naturally, & never worry about how other's will feel.

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