1. waiting for you to finally be one of us avatar

    oh my ogd, i just got it....i thought it was like the siren on top or something, but now i see that they're supposed to be cars....that's great. XD

  2. punk_princess94 avatar

    On Jan 24, punk_princess94 said:

    thats awesome!ykyljljfiyfxg bvflike yo8u

  3. laura.trommer93 avatar

    On Jan 24, laura.trommer93 said:

    aww ok thats really cool.. i like it=]]

  4. SheBuildsQuickMachines avatar

    On Jan 24, SheBuildsQuickMachines said:

    _________________________________(\_/)___ _________________________________(OO)_________________________________(-O-)

  5. havenseesgreen avatar

    On Jan 23, havenseesgreen said:

    haha thats awsome

  6. vern93 avatar

    On Jan 23, vern93 said:

    wow lol thats wierd

  7. junebaby avatar

    On Jan 22, junebaby said:


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