pizza toppings

Sat, Jan 5, 2008 at 9:15 AM By: gaston

me & beaner man were just talking bout pizza topping he like pepperoni,sausage,and pineapple. i told him pineapples on a pizza r gross but he says he likes it. so anyways it got me thinking that ppl dont all like the same topping. so i wanna know wat ppl's favorite pizza toppings r. mine are pepperoni,sausagge & green peppers.

  1. punk_princess94 avatar

    On Jan 10, punk_princess94 said:

    ham and pineapple

  2. vern93 avatar

    On Jan 05, vern93 said:

    i love pizza!!!! i like pepperoni, sausage,chiken or onion and tomamtoe idk i like lots of toppings just not mushrooms an stuff

  3. LaniC avatar

    On Jan 05, LaniC said:

    OMG I love pizza! I pretty much like all meat and then mushrooms and fresh tomato. However three are a few things that I hate and will ruin pizza for me.. onion, pineapple(me too) and capsicum. However, since pizza is so bad I rarely have it. It has been at least a year since I've had any.... xxLani

  4. raesavage avatar

    On Jan 05, raesavage said:

    my favorite pizza toppings are backon, peporoni, and sosage. i don't like cooked greenpeper and onion. they are grose and i never tried pineapple.

  5. meg719 avatar

    On Jan 05, meg719 said:

    Anything but anchovies (sp?) really.

  6. paparoachrock avatar

    On Jan 05, paparoachrock said:

    pineapple,ham,sausage,pepper,crackers and birthday cake no im only jokin lol wotever i like em all really lol

  7. laura.trommer93 avatar

    On Jan 05, laura.trommer93 said:

    ok i guess i like pepperoni and ham

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