Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 6:48 AM By: gaston

well some of u have probably been wondering y i havent been replying 2 ur comments or messages so im gonna tell u. i havent been on here 4 like 2 months & ive got ALOT of messages & comments lol. & anyways, i havent been on cuz ive been busy trying 2 figure things out with my ex gf,current gf & i was in rehab (suced dick) ive also been going back & forth between my moms house & my dads house. my mom wants me back with her but i dont wanna & ive been trying 2 figure out what 2 do. so just a heads up: im not gonna b coming on here as often as i used 2 cuz im so busy now a days with treatment & my gf so yea. o & if ur wondering y im going 2 rehab, its cuz my dad found an ounce of weed in my room while i was at a party with my buddies & when i got home, i was wasted & high as fuck. i knew it was a bad idea 2 come home. lol. so he decided 2 do something about it & im getting help with my "problems"

ps i think i might actually stop smooking weed & drinking so much
: (

  1. vern93 avatar

    On Mar 24, vern93 said:

    thats good that u hav to decided to stop smoking an stuff, i hope thing get better

  2. LaniC avatar

    On Mar 24, LaniC said:

    Good on you! I'm sure you will better for it. Hope you figure things out with your folks. xxLani

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