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About Valentine14xD

* are not cry babies
* do not always wear black
* do not always cut themselves
* can be very nice people
* can be very happy
* are not always depressed
* are people like you
( put this on your profile if you agree.)

The names Valerie
im a sweet and sort-of shy person,(when u get to know me,haha jk) but I am happily taken(sorry)
i play the guitar and sing (does screaming count?),i also draw and write lyrics,
I love my friends to death,and I love meeting new people,I don't judge anyone and I don't care what anybody says about me ,I think a few other words that describe me are Random,Crazy and dorky.idk which Papa Roach song is my favorite because I love all there My biggest inspirations is JACOBY SHADDIX!!!!! ,because hes been thru' alot of shit(and I respect that) and the music him and the guys write just are unexplainable. I'm also into bands like,Asking Alexandria,Escape The Fate,Attack!Attack!and lots and lots more,but pApA rOaCh!!!will always be one of my favorites.;D.
If any ?s just ask.:')
FoReVeR LiVe ThE RoAcH!!!!!!!!xD
And these are only some of the bands I'm into cx


Pinkly Smooth

papa roach


Three Days Grace

A Day To Remember

Asking Alexandria

Eyes Set To Kill

Blink 182

Oingo Boingo





In Dying Arms

All That Remains

Cobra Cocktail (Check out their song called "the plague" on UTUBE!!!!!!!

and too many more to name!!!!!!

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