Later on that same day....

Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 11:24 PM By: shadelight

So just had to share something with you people that read these (if you exist):
We were making dinner which included fried polenta (which is awesome) and I always manage to get splatter with some fucking hot grease/oil/whatever whenever something is being fried, so I was keeping my distance. When it was done and the fire was OFF I went over to get my piece and was still 5 fucking feet away when I got burned.....
My response: OW!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!!
My stepdad: Man both of you talk like a couple of pirates. (he is referring to both me and my mom)
Me: So....Arrgh matey motherfucker?
Yea I laughed my ass off at my own lame ass joke and I stand by that people!
Peace Out!
~Haley \m/

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