concert lastnight : )

Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 1:13 PM By: vern93

sooo today i am tired and a bit sore lol plus its cold and raining.but anyways lastnight the three days grace concert was awesome!!!!! just as good as i imagined 3dg to be since ive wanted to see them for like 2 years i had pit seats an we were like 4 rows from the barricade but with time ended up like 2nd, or 3rd. flyleaf opened. they were good..i knew thier songs from the old alubm and a few new ones. the only thing is sometimes u couldnt hear lacey but its prolly the crappy arena sound XD

then breaking benjamin which were pretty good too. they played the ones i know from radio so i was happy. up to this point things had been fairly calm though lol. like no crowd surfing really and not much moshing but the security gaurds were dicks lol like they were kinda strict so thats prolly why.

then 3DG!! : ) the main reason i went. they opened with break and from this point on things were a bit more lively. lots of jumping and pushing since we all had no personal space lol. lots of fire!! and they sounded great. everyone went crazy during home and riot. plus adam sang i dont care which is the song he does with apocalypitca (sp?) i like that song so i was surprised.
anyways my friend caught a BB shirt and a guitar pick lucky..and almost got into a fight with some drunk girl lol. the drunk guys were being a bit obnoxious and security broke up like 4 almost fights

well im rambling now sooo hope everyones weekend is good : )
and pics up on myspace soon!

  1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Feb 28, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    yay for concertness... i need a good show soon! sounds like you had an awesome time... and wow they did i dont care that is weird lol i would not have expected it... im off to check your photos :)

  2. feithidz avatar

    On Feb 27, feithidz said:

    That's awesome :D I love this tour. 3dg's set has been awesome.
    I caught one of those breaking ben shirts and some drunk guy stole it from me :/

  3. dianam avatar

    On Feb 27, dianam said:

    Thats good you had a good time. Hope you have a good weekend too

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