awesome concert lastnight : )

Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 2:32 PM By: vern93

so lastnight i saw attack attack with asking alexandria, breathe carolina, i see stars and bury tomorrow. it was a great start to my spring break since yesterday was the last day of school for a week!
so first off i had never been to this venue but it was really cool. like one huge pit lol and there was no barricade so when ppl crowd surfed they would land on the stage and jump off XD

all the bands were good i knew 3 out of the 5 but omg the pits were insane! prolly one of the most brutal concerts ive been to but thats cuz it was hardcore screamo and there was a pit going the whole time. plus no drunk ppl since most of us werent 21 XD im soo sore and bruised today but it was worth it! i could have done without getting kicked in the head though lol

well i wont bore u all with every detail but attack attack was great, breathe carolina was fun and asking alexandria was awesome : ) plus they r british lol. but it was one of the singers from breathe carolinas bday so they sprayed silly string on us and him and then threw a cake into the crowd lol! so ppl were throwing the cake around and it was all over the pit. THEN during attack attack they had a giant chicken fight! lmao they had everyone get on some1s shoulders. so i got on some random guys shoulders that was next to me and my friend got on this other guy that had been talking to her. so we're chicken fighting with like 100 ppl while a couple more hundred ppl are moshing below us LOL it was soo much fun and i didnt fall and die XD

but i lost my expensive spikey watch : / one bad mom is sooo pissed but i tried to grab it! then it fell and i never found it even afterwards. oh well

  1. JacobyHuggedMe!! avatar

    On Apr 01, JacobyHuggedMe!! said:

    Lol sounds like a lot of fun!!! What venue was it?

  2. XxCucaracha_AddictxX avatar

    On Mar 30, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    holy shiiittt!! haha, INSANE for sure \m/ that's so awesome they threw cake into the crowd xD and chicken fighting LOL. wow, those guys definitely know how to put on a show! definitely have to check em out :D glad you had an amazing time :)

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