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Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 6:33 PM By: vern93

soo as some of you know i do pageants....well ive done a few and not really much modeling but u get the point. anyways last year before i had even done any pageants i was invited to go to this modeling forum thing to see what potential i had an if maybe anyone was interested in me. well last year it was in georgia and i had something for school that weeekend so i decided to not go. i wasnt sure about modeling at the time and my mom said there would be more opprotunites. well she was right beacuse then a few months later i got into pageants an ive done a few in the past year. well over the weekend at the mall i was scouted out and invited to go to this modeling forum once again (its invite only..they invite ppl who they think have potential) and this time its in orlando..close to where i live. soo my desicion is to go or not? yes i want to of course but its quite a bit of money and once again i have to decide is this what i really want. basicaly theres a chance i would go and nothing would happen which is fine but theres also a chance companies and agencies would be interested in me and i could be signed and become a model just like that..but is that what i want? i like to do pageants on the side and modeling is fun but part of the reason i do it is for scholarships and money for college. like i said in my last blog i want to be a doctor and like my mom says school comes first..it always will. SO i just dont know if i want to keep doing pageants an things on the side or go for this oprotunity and invest the money and see where it takes me??? hmmm i mean idk i honestly dont always think im as pretty as some ppl make me out to be..sure im tall blonde ect but idk. thats one thing pageants has helped me with is for me to see that i should beleiev in myself and that i dont need to judge myself against other ppl because im just as 'pretty" as them i guess. idk i mean i personaly think it would be cool to model for pacsun or hot topic lol like band tees and stuff XD but well seeeee

and i aslo like to show that there are many sides to me.. i can be girly at times. yes i love skateboarding and concerts and mosh pits..who doesnt love to get sweaty and jump around to there favorite band acting like a complete psyco lol BUT this is another side of me ppl dont know about. so maybe ill take the risk and see what happens...its next month..plus i have to get better at walking in heels. me and stillettos= BAD lol

well im sorry if i have totaly confused most of u but as always thanks for listening to my rambleing

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    On Nov 10, XxCucaracha_AddictxX said:

    i say, take the chance and see what happens! you have nothing to lose and who knows, tons of doors may be opened up to you and it sounds like it would be exciting :D education is the most important thing, as you know, and nothing can replace that. education always gives you something to fall back on and i think becoming a doctor is a great aspiration to have! but doing some modeling on the side would never hurt and might as well take the opportunity while you have it!

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    On Nov 10, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    you are pretty! and screw others who cares what they look like... from what i have read about your pageants and stuff you have potential (im not saying you dont i just dont know anything about modeling and stuff like that... although people have asked me too! ) im sure that you will make the right decision! and we will support you with what ever road you take... however i agree that school comes first make sure that it is not going to take away from that!... but it may be worth the shot... if you have the money to do it ! what is the worst that can really happen? right!

    good luck :)

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