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    On Sep 16, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    Hey!!! i seem to always miss you on tweeter lol! one day we will be in sync lol! i am ok! trying to sort out school lol still and im not enjoying being back in school! i am soooo soaked its raining grr (im sorry for being annoying with this msg i am just reeeallly bored i have a 3 hr break today and nothing to do except homework so therefore nothing to do) How is band practice going?

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    On Sep 14, Broken.Home said:

    Hello :) Pretty good thanks and yourself? haha yeah how are you liking the new site so far?. As for anything new just deciding what it is i want to do with my life, hanging out with my mates as much as possible and listening to music and yourself?. Haha the VMA's they keep going on about that on tv, i missed it but most of its replayed anyway. :P

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    On Sep 13, Reckless Cat said:

    Yeah, but I am even way wither than all your tourists! I am as white as a piece of paper *lol* So I can understand why they look at me like this. But I cannot change my skin color, so I think they just should get over it ;-) Despite that, everything is fine. I still miss friends and family, but the country is so beautiful!!! Wow! And I LOVE the new PR cd. I just have the mp3 files, cause my copy is in Germany :-( But I cannot stop listening to it, so I bought a ticket for the Taste of chaos tour for Dec 1st! Althought I don't have the money....

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    On Sep 02, Reckless Cat said:

    Hi there. Thankx for you bday wishes! I love the new style here! What do you think about the new record? I don't know it yet cause it is home in Germany and I am here in Italy....But I hope my bf will send me the mp3 files SOON! Or I'm gonna search the songs on youtube. I feel like everybody knows the new songs except from me....Anyways I don't really meet new people here...Due to my pale = white face ( I look pretty much like an albino, cause I have a pigmentary adynamia if you call it that way in english). So everybody keeps staring at me, cause they are - tanned is not enough. They look kinda black here *lol* So most of the people here are really shoked to see me, so they don't talk to me. But I don't mind. I know the preople I work with and sometimes I meet them after work. So it is okay. I'm working all day anyways ;-) So, how are you? Better now? Adjusted to school ;-)

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    On Aug 31, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    we can for sure talk more on twitter i havent been on here much lately myself!!! AND WOW that is a heck of alot of shows lol! i am sooo jealous! i have the deftones/mastadon/alice in chains show on the 18th and ive been going to roller derby games lol i really wanna play roller derby! other than that i dont start school for another 2 weeks! im sorry that you have so much work to do! but before you know it we will complain that its exams and will be all over lol!

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    On Aug 30, Broken.Home said:

    Hello :), pretty good thanks and yourself? and things have been going well haven't been up to much but i have a feeling next months going to be hectic. Especially since its only a few days away. :P hows things going for you?. Haha i want to see Vampire Sucks but its not out till the 3rd of September here.

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    On Aug 28, DJ Djaay said:


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    On Aug 19, Reckless Cat said:

    Hey! I really like the people here in italy, but they all have their families and friends so I don't want to ask them to meet me after work...But right now, my bf is here with me and he will stay for 2 weeks, so I will have to worry about 2 of the 3 months ;-) Those 2 months will be extremely hard I guess!!! Don't know how to stand them, but I am NOT thinking about this right now. I have plenty of time to be sad when I'm alone, so I enjoy my time right now. My birthday was last saturday so some friends came to visit me and we had a great time. Oh: and I am getting a little used to the noise. Meaning I can sleep a bit, so maybe it will be fine in a few weeks. Idk. Hope you're enjoying your last week of the summer!?

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    On Aug 14, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    hey yeah i have been slacking on here as well! i saw bsb today! just got home damnnn it was good but i wouldnt do the vip again... anywayz how are you? what are the shows you have comig up?

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    On Aug 14, Broken.Home said:

    After 6am haha you pulled an all nighter awesome :D. I usually end up walking around like a zombie if i pull an all nighter but once i do i can't get back to sleep. >_< I havent been up to much just organising my 19th on Thursday and chilling with friends and yourself?. Well technically I'm on a break but since I've finished school it doesn't really count lol. xD

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