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About *Love~or~Die~Trying*

about what? Me? fuuuuuck like what? Ive been listenin to Papa Roach since I saw them back in 98-99 a few times at various places (Bojangles bitches! :D) then right before they went viral at the opening day of our lil ampitheater. Ive always felt a depth to their music that fairly well reflects myself a lot of the time. All in all Im a very vicarious person, I can relate my life better in lyrics and pictures than in words. I feel older than I am but I act younger and I dont care what anyone thinks what anyone says, we live once, live it up. I got two kids, I raise them how I see fit (btw the state of CA can suck it if they think they can tell me whats what on childraising). I love tattoos, piercings, loud music, bad ass cars, reading anything interesting, cooking, travel, art, hair, football, beer and various other random things. I dont like limitations, stupid cartoons, long waits, obnoxious people (being gay is not an excuse haha)

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